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What we also do

At Painting & Decorating Edinburgh, we are not limited to only Painting and Decoration; if you want unique services we are here to offer a huge at an affordable price and honesty (which only a few service providers focus on). 

How We Work?

With an average of 15 Years’ Experience, our professional team is capable of doing diverse types of building works on time. We listen to customer's requirements, wishes, and feel their emotions carefully.

We always have respect for the viewpoint of clients. Before hiring a worker that'll work on your home, you must know the type of work which will be given to the worker, the tools and materials necessary for that work, the timescale, and the exact amount of money which you'll have to pay to the worker. Yes! We keep everything clear and transparent! 

Never forget that when we work with you we start lining your rules to deliver what you exactly want. If you don't know about these things then you'll have to face some difficulties. 

You'll be mutually trustworthy if you know about the basic knowledge which is needed for your good relationship with our workers. 

Tiling Services in Edinburgh

You can get expert tile installation services from here with multiple tile designs and different ways of tile installation. We provide all tile installation services. So, whether you need room, kitchen, bathroom, or hallway tile installation, you can get all of these services here. You will get a qualified, on time and within budget tilling installation services in Edinburgh. 

Bathroom Renovation Services in Edinburgh

We can also remodel your bathroom and we will bring a new attractive look to it. We are always available to change your bathroom look from some small updates to a proper renovation. Your work is to see dreams and our work is to make them a reality. 

Plumbing Services in Edinburgh 

Our plumbers are also expert and they will arrive at your home by a vehicle which contains all big or small tools which are necessary for plumbers. They will fix your problem easily. You can trust our professional plumbers and you will get reliable work. 

Electric Work in Edinburgh

We have a dedicated and fully engineered staff on electric works. From installing switches to the house lightning, we will provide you with all 360degree services. We have all the necessary tools and electrical equipment to fix and install everything in the minimum possible time. Our highly trained electrician will work for you and you will never regret hiring us. 

Plastering in Edinburgh
Does your house contain dents, cracks, holes, or stains on walls? It looks faulty! These dents, cracks, holes, and stains on walls or even on doors, windows, etc. can be removed my plastering. We have dedicated experts and they can provide you with plastering services according to your needs. 

Rough Casting 

Many old walls become a burden to homeowners. Painting and patching the walls to hide their faults are just temporary solutions. Roughcasting is a permanent solution to this problem. If you want such services then you can contact us without any hesitation. 

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Painting and decorating services in Edinburgh

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Why choose us

We know from experience that knowing our customer’s wants and needs is a great start. It puts us on the path of achieving a successful outcome. Although we respect our client’s viewpoint we will be open about our expert opinion.

Before you are happy with who will be working on your home you need to know exactly what work will be carried out, what materials and technologies will be used, the timescale has to be set and the final price agreed, within reason. During negotiating the terms and conditions we will pay great attention to your needs and expectations. The goal of this initial phase is to be mutually trusted and mutually trustworthy.

When the negotiation process finishes on a positive note we are willing to promise the following:

  • — We will go the extra mile to match your expectations and promise to be very respectful to your property
  • — We will put in 100% effort when decorating your home and will make things as easy as possible
  • — We will deliver quality work on time and within budget

To discuss your requirements contact us today.