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From time to time, every space needs to be renewed with high-quality painting. This is even more important for your home, where every renovation will have an immediate effect on your mood. Therefore, if you are looking for professional painters and decorators that provide high-quality services in Edinburgh, you don’t have to look any further.

The Benefits of a Freshly-Painted Home
First of all, the interior colours of your home affect the look and feel of your personal spaces. Walls with old and faded colours make the rooms feel suffocating, often influencing your psychology. 

Our professional painters and decorators will advise you on the colours that best suit your spaces so that they feel large, comfortable, and cozy. Even if you can’t afford a full renovation of your house, just painting it will offer you the desired effects.

Moreover, painting your home’s interior and exterior has more benefits to it. Before the painters or decorators begin the task, they will perform a thorough examination of your housing structure. This process will reveal any rot or decay that is invisible to the eye. A common problem for every house-owner in Edinburgh is the moisture and water that causes structural weaknesses. 

By hiring our painters, you can be sure that your home’s structure will be protected from moisture and mold.

Painting Increases the Value of your Property
Whether you want to refresh the colour of your house for aesthetic reasons, or you want to eliminate any defects, the painting will increase the value of your property. Freshly painted walls make the whole structure seem newer and the rooms look larger and more comfortable. Meanwhile, the painters assigned to this job will inform you of the defects they have identified, enabling you to repair them. 

This will be reflected in the increased resale value of your property.

What our Painting Services Include
Our professionally trained painters and decorators will be by your side during the whole process to help and advise you. Indicatively, our services include the following:

  • Refreshment of the walls,
  • Interior design advice and aid in the choice of colours and techniques,
  • Preparation of the walls,
  • Ceiling and cornice painting,
  • Interior wall painting,
  • Decorative painting techniques,
  • Interior woodwork painting,
  • Wallpaper stripping and application
  • Treatment of water stains,
  • Repair of water and mold damages.

Commercial Painting Services Edinburgh

Furthermore, our services extend to commercial painting in Edinburgh. 

As a business owner, you are anxious to provide the best services to your existing customers and attract new ones. The image of your business plays a key role in this endeavor. 

Our painters and decorators will adapt to your schedule so that the painting will not disrupt the working hours of your business. All you have to do is get in touch to let us take over the painting services you need.  

Why you Should Work with Our Painters and Decorators
Your home is a space where you need to feel relaxed after a long and stressful day. For this, you should trust our professional painting and decorating services. In more detail, what we offer to you are:

  • Our Experience: With 15 years of experience on average, our staff can find solutions, even for the trickiest of cases. From the choices of colours to the painting techniques, there is nothing that stops us from giving you your dream home.  
  • Our Affordable Services: Hiring professional painting services in Edinburgh has never been easier. Our affordable prices, while maintaining our high standards, will never leave your home uncared for. The quotation you receive includes all the materials that we will use, so you can be sure that there won’t be any hidden fees.
  • Our High-Quality Results: We always make sure to use the best materials that guarantee you a long-lasting result. Our happy customers and high-quality results are proof of the quality of our painting services.
  • Our Respect of your Property: What makes us stand out, though, is our passion and our deep respect for your property. We take every safety measure to ensure that we will cause no damage.

Get a quotation for our painting services in Edinburgh today to make your home feel new. Contact us for more information.

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We know from experience that knowing our customer’s wants and needs is a great start. It puts us on the path of achieving a successful outcome. Although we respect our client’s viewpoint we will be open about our expert opinion.

Before you are happy with who will be working on your home you need to know exactly what work will be carried out, what materials and technologies will be used, the timescale has to be set and the final price agreed, within reason. During negotiating the terms and conditions we will pay great attention to your needs and expectations. The goal of this initial phase is to be mutually trusted and mutually trustworthy.

When the negotiation process finishes on a positive note we are willing to promise the following:

  • — We will go the extra mile to match your expectations and promise to be very respectful to your property
  • — We will put in 100% effort when decorating your home and will make things as easy as possible
  • — We will deliver quality work on time and within budget

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